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Pet Boarding

The Harbor Point Hotel is not just a “home away from home.” Your pet will spend his or her vacation in luxury.

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Pet Boarding

The Harbor Point Hotel

Each suite is destination-themed, and your pet can sleep in a comfortable bed while you are away. In addition to daily housekeeping, our guests receive two premium meals a day, along with snacks. Our staff prepares a delicious peanut butter or cheese-filled Kong for your pampered pet during afternoon nap time. For our guests’ listening pleasure, soothing music is played throughout the resort.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to making sure your pet is enjoying his vacation. We pay close attention to your pet’s preferences to ensure the most comfortable stay.

Your pet’s special health needs will be reviewed with you prior to your departure. It is recommended that your pets remain on their regular diet. However, if you prefer, we can feed them our house diet for an additional $2/day. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff is skilled in medicine administration, food preparation, and managing acute or chronic medical conditions.

In order to provide the best possible stay for your pet, please fill out our Boarding Questionnaire Form before arrival.

Harbor Point Hotel Boarding policies

To ensure the protection of your pet and others, all boarders must be current on vaccines, including kennel cough. If fleas are noted, we are obligated to treat your pet with flea treatment, Frontline, or Revolution. Additionally, baths, nail trims, exams, surgeries, and treatments can be scheduled for during your pet’s stay at your request.

Our boarding facilities fill up fast, especially during the holidays, so please call a few weeks ahead of your scheduled trip to ensure we can accommodate your pet.

Luxury Suite: 60-180lbs $50/night for first pet, $40/night for each additional pet sharing a suite

Large Kennel: 40-60lbs $40/night

Medium Kennel: 30-40lbs $40/night

Small Kennel: up to 30lbs $40/night

Feline Boarding: $30/night

Pickup times:
Mon – Fri: Pick up by 7 pm.
Sat: Pick up by 6 pm.

*Multiple dogs are welcome to share kennels so long as their total weight does not exceed the maximum weight for the kennel.

Our goal is always to keep your loved one’s best interest in mind. Staying in a strange place can be stressful, especially when the rest of the family is not staying as well. In an attempt to keep as much of a routine as possible and to have some comforts from home, below is a list of things to pack in addition to how to help our team provide the best possible care.


  • Food: To keep your pet on the same diet routine, we feed your dog or cat the same food they enjoy at home. Bring enough food to last their entire stay.
  • Bag and label each serving with your pet’s first AND last name in a resealable bag. If there is a difference between bags, label with specific mealtime (AM, Lunch, PM) or a specific date to be given.
  • For wet food, ensure each can or container is labeled with your pet’s first & last name.
  • If you prefer our meal bagging service, you can provide the food in bulk, and we’ll bag it for a fee. ($10)
  • If your food runs out, or you prefer not to pack food, we can serve our house food for a small fee. ($2 per serving)
  • We provide food and water bowls, so you don’t need to bring them.
  • If you wish to bring treats, include them.
  • Medicine: As an added free service, we can administer medications, supplements & non-prescription medications. All medications need to come in their original prescription bottle or packaging with the original label. For supplements & non-prescription medications, please advise us on the frequency and amount to add to food. Please fill out our Medication Administration Form before arrival.
  • Comfort Items: We want your pet to have fun and be comfortable. If they have one special toy or blanket that soothes them, we can include it in their suite. We ask that it be clean, and their name is written on the item to avoid mix-ups. We provide fleece bedding but feel free to bring your pet’s dog bed. We do wash soiled beds and blankets before going home or as needed. We do not allow rawhide for safety reasons. But we do allow safe rawhide alternatives if the brand is provided.
Fear Free Form
The information on this form is important in allowing us to provide a comfortable reception, appointment, and departure for your pet in order to positively embed the next visits' expectations. A true Fear Free visit begins before it starts and educates on practices to continue at home.