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Doggy Day Care

Worried about leaving your dog at home? Wishing you had more time to play? Or maybe your energetic pup needs some extra time to stretch his legs and get the wiggles out! Doggie Daycare at Harbor Point Animal Hospital is here for you!

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Doggy Day Care

Camp Harbor Point

Whether your dog is a bundle of energy or prefers to snuggle with our Care Team, we cater to your pet’s individualized needs. We specialize in creating the perfect social environment for your canine companion. While you’re away for the day, you can know that your little one is having a blast at Camp Harbor Point.

In order to provide the best possible daycare experience for your dog, please fill out our Boarding Questionnaire Form before arrival.

As an added free service, we can administer medications, supplements & non-prescription medications while your dog is with us. All medications need to come in their original prescription bottle or packaging with the original label. Please fill out our Medication Administration Form before arrival.

Fear Free Questionnaire Form

The information on this form is important in allowing us to provide a comfortable reception, appointment, and departure for your pet in order to positively embed the next visits' expectations. A true Fear Free visit begins before it starts and educates on practices to continue at home.